Artists Statement

Kowacz uses the notion of balance in his practice in order to explore the body’s need for stability. Through his exploration of bodily processes, specifically the regulation of blood sugar levels, he tries to portray the body’s constant striving for a balance between sugar and insulin. The concept of balance has been a running theme in his work. His piece entitled ‘ensue’ shown in Germany in 2006, saw Russian Dolls made from sugar dissolving into insulin and in 2007 he also projected a video of a tightrope walker onto an over-sized sugar cube. More recently his work again uses an enormous sugar cube but this time Kowacz puts the emphasis on weight and fragility. His own body weight in sugar rests on a bed of needles that a diabetic uses daily.


Paradigm Lost (2012)


Sugar Writing (2012)



James Kowacz (2008)

Union Jack (2010)

Artwork - Sweet Harmony No.2

Sweet Harmony No.2 (2007)

Artwork - Sweet Harmony No.1

Sweet Harmony No.1 (2007)

Ensue (2006)


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