Studio day – test shots/editing

I have been to, what was, a local coking plant (that used to make coke, not the drink , the fuel) currently under decommission to test out some photography and editing techniques . I am including the before and after shots so you can see what difference the post production has made.

The image has been squared up, the contrast in the sky brought out and a sepia tone added to it.

These images were taken on a long exposure using an ND8 filter. This has captured movement in the foreground. I have heavily increased the contrast in this image as well as increased the clarity of the image by sharpening it.

I had to separate the sky in this shot and work with the two halves independently. The sun was in the wrong place and if i were doing this shot again, I would make sure the sun was in a different spot. I gave the image a bit of a sepia edge to it again as well as making the blacks, very black, especially on the brickwork to make it look grimy.

I left a feint hint of colour in this image and again I split the sky and foreground. The sky has had a huge hit of contrast to bring define the clouds as they were quite washed out in the original.; i had tried to heighten the contrast with a polarising filter. I am in two minds about whether this one works at all but there is something intriguing me about it.

With this shot i intensified the clarity of the image to bring out the stones and path in the foreground, increased the contrast and then took out some of the highlights so the focus leans toward the darker areas of the shot. The image was taken from low to the ground; It makes the tower loom from the top of the hillside.


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